FPT-F1 Friction / Peel Tester
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FPT-F1 Friction Peel Tester

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FPT-F1 Friction/Peel Tester can be used to test coefficient of static and kinetic friction of plastic films, sheets, foils, paper, cardboard, PP woven bags, fabric( fabric style test), metal-plastic composite strip/belt for communication cable, convey belt and textile, as well as peel strength test of adhesive laminated products, medical adhesive bandage, release paper and protection films.

Product Features

  • 2 testing modes are available in this instrument including coefficient of friction test and 180° peel test
  • 7 test speeds and 3 test ranges could be selected as required
  • This instrument conforms to multiple standards of ISO, ASTM and GB and the user could select testing methods as required
  • Wide range and high-precision of automatic temperature control system to support tests at different temperatures
  • This instrument is controlled by computer and micro processing unit which is convenient for user's operation
  • The sliding plane and the sled are treated by degaussing and remanence detection which effectively reduce the system errors
  • Professional operating software supports superposition analysis of test curves
  • Equipped with USB ports which is convenient to the data transmission and PC connection

Test Standards

This instrument conforms to various national and international standards:
ISO 8295, ISO 8510-2, ASTM D1894, ASTM D4917, ASTM D3330, TAPPI T816, TAPPI T549, GB 10006, GB/T 2790, GB/T 2791, GB/T 2792

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