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Silicon Rubber, Keyboard, Mobile Phone etc.

DFT-series Specifications
Measurement unit- N, kgf(gf), lb
Accuracy- ±0.2% F.S
Measurement- To go: Peak value, bottom value, click ratio and head     Return: Bottom value, peak value
Memory- 500 data
Weight- approx. 5kg

List of DTF-series

Model Capacity Resolution
DTF-1 10N, (1000gf) 0.001N, (0.1gf)
DTF-2 20N, (2kgf) 0.01N, (1gf)

This is applicable for measurement of peak value, bottom value, click ratio, head of dome switch, silicon rubber and various switches by one touch operation. Data measured is memorized with tester and can be transferred to PC through USB output cable.

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