Seal Peal Melting Tank
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Melt Seal Peel and cover products quickly with Seal Peel. It is possible to tear off Seal Peel easily and reuse it.

What is Seal Peel?
Seal Peel is plastics in which fats and oils were mixed. It is solid at a normal temperature. However, Seal Peel is melted when it is heated. It is returned to a solid state again when the normal temperature is reached. By utilizing these properties, the whole products are wrapped and protected from rust or damage. (Products can also be partially protected from rust or damage.)

Example of use

1. Rust resistance of tools and die assemblies, and protection of polished surface
2. Storage of drills, gears, and nozzles
3. Moisture resistance of equipment from the sea water and sea breeze
4. Insulation and protection of heavy and light current-related parts

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