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Electric furnace that you can install anywhere
Space-saving size has been pursued to allow you to move and carry by adopting ceramics fiber for thermal insulation material. Light weight has been realized by installing an air layer between the outer wall and the furnace.

Being particular about the shape

The cylindrical furnace without four corners
allows even heating to a work. Also, the design with consideration for work efficiency allows easy setting of a work in and out from the lid type door.

User-friendly and simple operation

Operation is easily conducted only by setting the set temperature and the timer. The temperature adjuster has a built-in timer to sound a buzzer alarm after the retention time. The three-level P.I.D. control provides a stable temperature control covering from low temperature to high temperature.

Typical uses:

  1. Quenching, tempering and annealing of steel material
  2. Quenching and annealing of aluminum, copper alloy and other non-ferrous metals.
  3. Heating for shrink fitting and processing
  4. Sintering
  5. Melting of metals
  6. Firing of ceramic ware

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